Cake Pop Flop

I felt like my cake pops (cake balls more like) this year looked pretty and hopefully a little spooky, although, they obviously weren't as good as the last ones I made. So I learned my lesson (it's okay, that's what it's all about). Lesson 1: Why bother baking something that even you don't like (I HATE, yes I said hate, white chocolate. So if you're not even able to try a little taste, that's kind of a bummer). Lesson 2: White Chocolate is just too sweet for these suckers (and other people agreed). On the plus side of my little cake pop adventure, Winners had these perfect Halloween picks for your treats. I always try winners for specific baking accessories, especially for all of the holidays. Can't wait to see what kind of things I can put together for our family Christmas dinner. That's the next event on my list and this year, we'll be doing it before the end of this month. My Dad will have to fly back to Africa before Dec 1st and he won't be back for Christmas so I thought it would be really special to have a dinner at our place (a first for Ben and I) for both our families to celebrate the season. I normally get right to planning and even though this month will be putting a fair bit of pressure on me with schooling and extra work that I've committed to, I'm sure I'll get on top of it right away anyhow. P.S. If you need a fabulous cake pop/ball recipe, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to get one to you. Enjoy FRIDAY night which is my favorite night!

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