A little hand to hold

Colton and I went for a little stroll around Tin Town the other day while his Mom and Eli had some quiet time at our house. Colty had the cutest knitted striped toque on, hehe. He held my hand while we walked (most of the time) and my heart melted like it has many times before. There are a few memories I have of hanging out just the two of us and I've added this one to the vault. I can't believe I was able to capture it with a photo. I like to reflect on how blessed I am to live so close to my nephews and also to cherish how precious our bond is. It's more than incredible when tiny people change your life in such monumental ways. I really never imagined our family extending this fast,although, I think back now and can barely remember what it was like without them. This picture below reminds me just how much I love my family. 

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