Halloween Party - the people!

Our 1920's Mobster themed party went pretty well! We knew it was going to be a lot quieter this year because lots of our friends had previous commitments. Ben was even able to show off his new ink (done earlier that day) with his short sleeve! It turned out really well (as you can see in photo two). Everyone had amazing costumes ... except me really but that's okay. The story goes like this ... Jessica buys a sparkly number weeks before the party, Jessica runs around like a maniac setting up for the party on the big day, Jessica puts off getting ready until the absolute last minute she can, Jessica puts on her dress and realizes within minutes that it's causing a massive itchy rash on her arms and that it's pretty much unwearable, Jessica gets a little frantic and rips through her closet (with her good pal Ali to help), Ali and Jessica decide on another outfit that will do, then Ali and other girls force Jessica to wear her original dress but to put a sweater on. Damn it, the sweater wasn't in the plan but otherwise when the heck would I have gotten any other use out of that sparkly black dress?? So I changed into it. I was so smitten with at least one piece that every girl wore! Melinda had a gorgeous DIH (do it herself) head piece on (see photo four). Court and Sarah had the prettiest lashes on (see photo seven) which were a must for such a dramatic theme. Evan had the facial hair down pat (see photo number ten) - not a wife favorite but he definitely did suit the role Jenn ;) Ali (see photo two) had the nude lip and dark purpley eyes going on and she looked killer (as per usual) and her thin little headband was adorable. Jenn had a black fringe mini on which was she considered to be out of her realm but she looked amazing in it (see photo twelve)! Both Ben's Mom and Mine (see photo six) fit their 1920's role's to a tee! And was Bob not incredible in his two face costume? His make up was disturbing ... in the best creepy Halloweeny way of course. Mine, Bob's and Courtenay's make up all done by Sarah (who always does such a pretty job) and she hooked me up with the hella bright lips (which I'm glad she did). OK, that's some of the people! Next I'll post decor photos and soon, some of the little man trick or treating last night! 

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