Halloween Party - the stuff!

I love this spooky font I found at dafont.com. I think it's called 'A Lolita Scorned'. I download new fonts way too often I'm sure. Downloading new fonts for your computer is super easy. For anyone who might be unsure of how to do it, I'd be happy to fill you in so just ask. I used music paper to print my words on. I picked up a few old music books at the Salvation Army months ago and they've come in handy more than once. Whenever I wonder to myself "where the heck am I gonna get that from", I head to the thrift. Just when you think you can't find it, you usually will. I glued the words to small paper bags I had left over from a wedding project. I glued each bag to the twine and tada - a suiting Halloween banner! I painted all my pumpkins white and I decided to try out a little 'pumpkin art'. Next year, I'm going to try and be a little more creative. I baked vanilla cupcakes and decorated them with messy brain like icing and added three little bloody bone candies. I also baked my cakepops but as I suspected, the white chocolate was almost too sweet. I'm not a fan of white chocolate so I didn't eat any, but that was the word on the street. I spray painted sticks from our vine outside black and used them in a vase with little spiders hiding in them. The mustaches were a hit and they suited the party perfectly. I had to make a last minute run to Fabricland to scope out their scrap sales to see if I could find a fitting black piece of fabric to use for the table cloth and I did! It was $10, lace, black and somewhat sheer, and it was the perfect size for our little table. I used a white sheer fabric to cover the windows and had light purple colored lace pieces and silver balls strung randomly across of it. Ok, that's PRETTY much it. 

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