Honeymoon Part Tres!

The resort was super pretty. Lots of pools (they were a tad chilly but nice to have when you needed a dip) and tons of lush greenery all over the property. There were, I think, five properties on the entire resort. We walked around as much as we could but we definitely liked our particular resort the best that we saw. It seemed as though our specific resort was a little more adult orientated. So for our honeymoon it was lovely! 

Well, blogger is telling me I've hit my limit for photo uploads ... whatever that means. So perhaps this might be all the photos for now that I can upload. Uhhh, technology! While I've been waiting forever for them to upload, I've been trying to figure out how I can re arrange my living room in order for it to be more functional. It is THE most awkward layout with majorly angled, 10 foot ceilings, NO light fixture at all (paper floor lamps only) and a fire place smack in the center. Do you make things revolve around your television (I know that sounds couch potato like but it is kind of part of the functioning aspect. We watch quite a few movies, lol) or do you center things around your fireplace and focus on the mantle? Or both ... I'm leaning toward the fire place. Ben won't be happy if I move things that I shouldn't attempt to move on my own. I know better. I'll absolutely think twice about it, maybe even three times but I'll probably do it anyway. It's just who I am. I think this living space takes a little more creativity than the usual space so wish me inventive, happy decorating thoughts pretty please!


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  1. Very Beautiful photos Jess, I love your blog :)