Honeymoon Part Deus!

Most of you know how awful our flights were so I won't re tell the painful tale too much, lol! Although we vowed to never fly the one particular airline ever again, we were thankfully given credits to use for two of the airlines as compensation (this alone explains how bad it all really was). We're going to try and use them but clearly not for anything really big. 

Airplane disaster story (one of many more to choose from) - There was a family on board our flight from L.A to Cancun with a two year old little boy. The little boy was coping so very well - especially considering this was the most unorganized, unfriendly, crammed full flight I'd ever been on (a little bitterness is not okay right?!) An older, unpresentable, unprofessional and unkind stewardess walked over to the family (a mere one hour into the painful seven hour flight). She bent downward toward the little boy, put her fingers to her lips and violently (yes I said violently) shushed him! I was in shock ... seriously. I ripped off my earphones (I could read her lips and clearly comprehend what was happening even without fully hearing it) and said out loud exactly what I was thinking. "Omg Ben, I can't believe that stewardess just did that!" He was blissfully unaware of the annoyance I was already harboring to this stewardess (for all the above mentioned "un's" of course). I think he was a little bit taken back by my outspoken OMG but in all honesty, I'd hoped that she heard me! I was torn between whether I should have pressed the service button above my seat and given her a gentle suggestion and reminder of how challenging it must be for most parents to be travelling with small children and how honestly out of place she was with her choice of actions. Instead, a moment later the service bell rang and I could see the light blinking above the particular familys' seat. The father had rang the bell himself and told the woman she was out of line and asked her what she expects from a two year old child?! Get this ... the stewardess rolled her eyes, walked away from his mid convo and loudly said "whooa, sooooorry, geez! Ok!" I was mortified but imagine how irate the family must have felt! I'm still considering complaining to the airline somehow. 

Ok so that's it. I had to share that. Nowww, I'm done! I've got all my favorite old movies being recorded on the pvr over the next day or so - there's tons on all of a sudden! Like my ultimate My Fair Lady (I was crazy about this film growing up and really I still am), Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sixteen Candles, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (my sister and brother and I were OBSESSED with this one growing up). 

Today though, is my Dad's last day home for another long two months. So my Mom and him and I are going to head to Miracle Beach for a wintery walk out there this afternoon. Far weather comparison to my beachy honeymoon photos below. I'll have some more to add tomorrow of our actual resort. 

{Thought of the day} 
Most of our days are made up of things that really are just a matter of how you choose to look at them. 


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  1. I think I would have lost my mind at that flight attendant~! LOVE the pictures, hope you had a great time despite the bad flight.... If it is the airline I think it is we have also had issues with them in the past!