baby max {sweetness}

There is definitely no real need to explain how seriously cute Max is but I can't help but say it again and again anyhow! He is such a doll. Even with missing his nap earlier that morning, Max was so full of soul (just look at those eyes). It was really incredible watching Max's Mum & Dad interact with him. They were so very patient and laid back, as we let him decide what he wanted to do next. He was probably the most content in his Mumma's arms and she's so totally gorgeous herself so photographing them in a lifestyle fashion was perfect! 
I'm really loving taking photos as people are going about their everyday lives, even better, in the comfort and creativness of their own homes. Lifestyle photography tends to make for some truer than true photos and I think that I captured that in our few hours together.

Thank you so very much to Lori, Keith, Max & their first baby (their very much loved puppy - Aly). 


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