Design Tip!

I was doing my morning blog reads, having a big glass of cold water and a jam packed smoothie when I came across a fabulous little party decor tip this morning! Hopefully this means today is going to be a great day! ;) Because I usually always use some type of backdrop for a main party table (a table that might hold your food/drinks/decor/whatever else), this little tid bit might make it so much easier and maybe a little more fun.

Next time you need something to use as a backdrop maybe try happily spending twenty something dollars on a pretty SHOWER CURTAIN rather than fabric that might cost you quite a bit more. Shower curtains are actually much wider than the standard fabric width therefore they will give you more coverage than a piece of fabric might. Also, the fact that shower curtains already have loops for hanging is a bonus PLUS they're already hemmed at a handy length. Try places like London Drugs, Target, Zellers, Walmart or if you're local try Fabricland - the one here in Courtenay have the best choices for pretty patterns (like this garden flower shower curtain in the photos below which was found at Target). I'm gunna try it!


{photos courtesy of hostess with the mostess blog}

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  1. Love the idea of using a shower curtain! So smart!