Just a few of the changes that I made during a long day of DIY projects around our house ... it's a good thing I enjoy doing them! I spent from 9 am to 11 pm just about straight, doing little projects about the house. 90 % of the knick nacks in these photos are thrifted. The fabric flowers were all handmade from the fabric left over from my maternal Grandmother's wedding dress. I met her when I was little but I don't remember her at all. I've seen photos ... she's small like me. Her wedding dress fit me when I was in grade six, can you IMAGINE being that tiny as an adult, let alone one who carried three children?! I wore it for a Halloween costume .. I was dressing up as Frankenstein's bride I think. A few years ago, the dress popped back up at my parent's place and I thought we mine as well do something with it. So we kept it and I used it to make our little cousin Shyanna's, flower girls dress in our wedding. I kept all the left over fabric that we salvaged and I won't ever throw these fabric flowers away I will always try to incorporate them in my space somehow. I would have loved to know her now but I'm sure we'll meet again one day. For now, I have her name as my middle name (as well as my paternal Poppa's too who I also know I'll see again one day) and I cherish that. The idea of having left over fabric in a photo frame was given to me by my friend Ally. She had her own dress made so had tons left over. I didn't have mine made but I had lots from my Grandmother's so I decided on using hers instead. I love sentiment. 

I found the candelabra at the thrift with the Cody & Company tag STILL ON IT which said $50 but I bought it for .49 cents and it's one of my favorite purchases to date. The mirror above the mantel is second hand, re painted a light sky grey/blue. All the vases shown as well as the books (simply painted white), frames, the clutter of things hanging on the wall, the teapot and other mirror in the kitchen ... all thrifted. Not only would do I suggest thrifting as a great alternative for your pocket, I like the idea of reducing waste and re vamping pieces that you may otherwise grow out of (which happens a lot with me!)

P.S. My best girlfriend, Laura, called me from Victoria this afternoon to tell me about a customer she had at her store who mentioned that she reads my blog ... how fun is that?! I really appreciate all the readers sticking around even though I don't get to posting as much as I'd like. I am going to get a few new things going on the blog asap, things to make it better organized and to find what you might be looking for a little faster. SO I'm sending a shout out and a thanks so much to that reader for tuning in. Feel free to say hello one day if you haven't already :) What a small world!


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  1. Beautiful Jess, you have such a great sense of style :)