So it started with two ... then there was three ... and cuter than cute came Little E! For those of you who don't know, this lovely little family is my family :) My sister, her partner and their two beautiful babies and mine and Ben's nephews. The babies were actually pretty easy going today and the weather turned out to be perfect right as we were meeting for the session. Both babies were asleep when we arrived so we took a few minutes to snap a few shots of Jon and Casey together. I don't think they've ever had photos of the two of them (let alone family photos) so I was pleased as punch to be the first to photograph them. My sister has the most gorgeous skin and it truly is as smooth as it looks in these photos. I'm a little envious (in a lovingly sisterly way of course, lol!}

Casey and Jon clearly make amazingly beautiful children and I know I'm a little bias because we do share some of the same genes but really these babies are head to toe, inside and out beautiful. Colton Scott didn't want to have too much of the photos (we did a little bribing with his favorite Aunty Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies) and Jon ate a few too ;) These are just a few of the photos we took and I know that when they're hanging on their walls and they walk past them everyday, it'll mean a lot to them to have had them taken. I hope you enjoy this little gift that I can give back to you both because you know you've given us two of the best gifts I could have ever imagined.

Love you tons you Four, xoxo!

P.S. The photos of Colton in his pj's near the end were actually taken during one of his crazy dance off's on our spare bed at our house during the last night we babysat him ... he was continuously yelling "YOWDER ANNIE" or in adult terms "LOUDER AUNTY!" I thought they might fit in well with this post!

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