I am so obsessed with peonies. So obsessed, in fact, that I choose our wedding date around their blooming season. This is a photo of my bouquet a few days after the wedding and although it was getting a little weary around the edges, I held onto it as long as I could. I actually remember the feeling I had when I knew it needed to be thrown out ... I was really, truly sad. I did keep the little gems because there were so many and I knew I'd likely re use them with one of my crafts/DIY projects and I have :) Since everything seems to be blooming late this year, I was hoping I could go take a scope around town this week to try and see if there are any pretty peonies that I can bring home. Thriftys had gorgeous peonies last year. I bought a few the day before the wedding and placed bundles of them in mason jars outside the yard around Ben's parents house. I put one near the front entrance on a bench they have outside their door and a few on the tables we had set up in the backyard opposite of where the actual reception tent was set up. It felt very cozy, very springy and very pretty - just the way peonies make me feel. In fact I've decided to have my god awful, 16 year old girl tattoo (on my back) re done with a fairly big, pretty peony. The one currently on my back has no sentiment and I hate that. But ... a peony does so problem solved! I've got a little wind burn from being outside in the sun/wind all day so I'm feeling like a homey evening is in store!

P.S. Speaking of peonies, mine and Ben's One Year Wedding Anniversary is next weekend and we're pretty excited to celebrate it. Cannot believe it's been one year already! Waaah, I miss my dress and my flowers almost everyday ... and I'm not kidding. lol. Someone recently inquired about buying my dress and although I know I don't NEED it, I WANT it and it feels really, really special to me. I did give them the info and I'm thinking I'll just cross the bridge when the time comes, if I need to.

Ok, I'm off to snap a few photographs of my my brother Chayse and his girlfriend Hana {she's gradding today!} They are going to look AMAZING. Her dress is killer! I'm sure I'll wind up convincing them to let me post some photos ;)  Happy weekend friends.



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