I met my brother Chayse and Hana at their school for a really quick photo sesh under the cherry blossom tree before her grad ceremony. Chayse was going as Hana's date. I told you her dress was killer ... she looked GORGEOUS. I had parked outside the school grounds and as I was walking up toward the property, I could see Hana's dress literally sparkling so brightly, even from so far away. It was so shimmery and so perfect! Chayse bought these shoes when he was in Sendai.They were a pair of Star Wars collectors edition shoes. He had sent them home to Mom & Dad's right before the earthquake. Guess he decided to get some use out of them. I said "only for Hana hey Chayse". They were half gold so they matched Hana to the tee!

It wasn't long before I had flung my sandals off and was laying on the grass in my dress to get the shots I wanted. It was a super warm day out so it was better than the usual west coast rain we're forced to endure day after day around here. As you can see, they're adorable. Adorable, adorable.

Happy Graduation Hana ... it's your night, have so much fun!


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  1. oh my goodness! what gorgeous shots and what a GORGEOUS dress! it's so unique and fits her perfectly. i love love this.