super smoothie

I never feel like I make enough time for breakfast. Lunch yes, breakfast no. I'd say about five days out of the week, I depend on a packed full smoothie to get me through the morning, usually till about 2 pm or so. I almost always add a handful of frozen berries (cranberry, raspberry, blue or blackerry). I also add a little yogurt, a good amount of ground flax seeds, a few tablespoons of soaked oats, and a little cranberry juice. If you're feeling like you need more, try adding a squeeze of a fresh lemon (which I did today) or a banana to add a little froth. I also add a few ice cubes to make it extra chilly cuz I like it that way! ;) I don't know how I'd get to 2 pm each day without my magic bullet, I LOVE IT! I tell everyone. I'm like an un official spokes woman for the thing!

Photos and a yummy recipe found at divya-dilse.blogspot.com! Lots of fantastic ideas on this blog, check it out friends.


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