Isabelle and I headed out extra early on Thursday morning to soak up that tiny bit of sunshine we were expecting to get for just a few hours that day. We each packed a baby & a handful of props and got right to it. It was pretty nice out but definitely a little on the windy side down by the Comox marina. I'm usually pretty involved when it comes to my sessions. A lot of the times, the people in front of my camera are people that I know quite well and of course Isabelle & I are close friends so I felt super comfortable getting right in there for some gorgeous shots of her and her favorite two little people, Nicole & Justin. I love these kids like crazy ... of course they are both ADDDORABLE and both of their personalitys are oh so sweet. I love the smile on Isabelle's face in the photo of the three of them together ... even though both babies are off looking at all the wonder going on around them ...  it's clear that she is so in love with them! Thanks very much for helping haul all my stuff around Iz & I hope you love your shots. I'll have quite a few more to give you soon!


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