I am, without a doubt, a Leo to the tee. While others don't believe in Zodiac sings (which is fine), I happen to myself. I can't not. I can often tell when I meet another Leo. People have asked me before what my sign is and when I've told them "I'm a Leo ...", they're surprised! It's crazy because I don't feel like there's much about me that's unseen. I feel like everything I do (good choices and not so good), and everything I feel, is really apparent. But the fact that some people are surprised that I'm a Leo, surprises me! ;)

While I love the fact that a Leo woman is generally a tower of strength, I also know that there are also many other attributes that I find I really do need to be more aware of. I try. I don't always do it in time. But then I try again. Life is one big (sometimes really tough) lesson but I choose to do as much good as possible with the strength that I've been given. Time for this Lion to do a big stretch and get up and on with the day. Enjoy yours wherever you might be :)


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