Umm, this adorable wedding made me re consider wedding photography all together! I have one other outdoor wedding this Fall which I'm so looking forward to, however, besides that I've had to let go of other wedding photography opportunities. I generally, just don't have the time to give to them but Ta asked me to photograph her wedding ceremony to Ryan. The timing was perfect and the idea just fit! Can I start off by saying yes I had never been to Denman OR Hornby Island before today and can I also say that I'm SO in love with Hornby! I wish I had a bit more time to spend on this gorgeous little island but I'll happily make the effort to go back ... again and again. It's magical, really!

Onto what I'm really supposed to be posting about. Another little bit of magic ... Ryan & Tereza (aka Ta) were married island style this afternoon on Hornby. The dark and hazy storm clouds were rolling in as they exchanged vows right on the beach in front of a ton of people who you could see, loved them both a whole lot! Ryan & Ta have a gorgeous little boy together, Makeef, who was runnin' around the shore looking fly in his tiny suit. Below is just a small part of the gorgeousness I captured today. Thank you to you both Ryan & Ta, for inviting me to your lovely little island and for being so much fun today. Also to your wedding party, who were super friendly and made everything so easy! Enjoy everyday together.

P.S. Don't you just love Ta's pretty DIY LOVE BANNER? Ta knows I can appreciate the DIY love she put into it ;) 


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