Summer Solstice!

I think today is the first official day of summer! Wow ... we people on the West Coast sure wait forever for this day! Winter feels like it last so very long and that can be really tough sometimes. I tend to stare out the window in amazement everytime we have a torrential down pour around here. Yes, we get light rain or even fairly heavy rain a little too often perhaps. But the night I took these shots at sunset, the sky was crying so loud, the rain was falling harder than I've ever seen it fall before. It's relaxing to me. This isn't to say that I don't appreciate the sunshine ... because do I ever. I'm so happy that summer has 'ofiicially' started. Ahh! Summer in the Valley is always a lot of fun. Last summer, we barely skipped one night of heading out to the river or the lake at the end of each day. We've been dying to take the jetski out and it just hasn't been nice enough to take it out quite yet. We're waiting patiently. Happy Summer Solstice! Enjoy that vitamin D.


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