Yes, I do. Last night, we were all watching the game and Ben's friend asked me if I had good luck. Ben piped up and said "no!" I didn't realize I didn't have good luck. I didn't realize that a lot of the times, I work really hard to get things done and it doesn't turn out the way I'd hoped. You could say that it happens a lot but I think it's probably because I do so many things so the odds are there. The more I do, the more chances that some of these things aren't going to quite turn out the way I'd planned. We started talking about the topic more when we got home and Ben asked me why I bother taking on so much ...

I replied ...
Yeah the times that don't work out, those times suck. But for the times that they do, it makes it all worth it. I don't want to just stop doing projects and creative endevours just because of one failure. I'll just take what I can from that and move on, try something different or new all together. I have a ton on my plate right now and I think ultimately, Ben just wants me to slow down a tad. Which I can appreciate. I have lots of decision to make this month and a lot of things that I need to get moving with. It's great really. Busy and a little daunting some days, but it's great. 

Today I woke up when Ben did for work, I got a huge hug from him and I told him I was heading back to bed (I never sleep past 6:30 or so!) He was happy to hear that.I slept till 9 ish and now I'm blogging! Who knows what else I'll do before work this morning but it's a new day! 


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