I'm making cake pops this morning for Jenn's baby shower this weekend . Yup, bright & early baby ;) I would love to sprinkle them with these pretty sugar crystals like the ones below but I didn't even think about it until this morning and I don't know if I have time to run into town. I'll consider it while I'm writing this post. I finally gave in and bought myself the little squeeze bottle for decorating treats like cake pops. I kept trying to decorate them without it but I finally realized ... pay the $2 and get the ugly bottle and use it and your treats will be a whole lot prettier. So I did and I'm looking forward to using it today. Next on my list is the giant cupcake pan. We're thinking about doing a big giant smore cupcake for Eli's camping themed first birthday party along with a bunch of regular sized smore cupcakes as well. Does anyone know where to find one locally? Or if I need to buy it online? I haven't seen any kicking around town but I'll look a little harder. Today is supposed to be amazingly sunny. I can't wait. 


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