Ta & Ryan Married!

I posted a sneak peek of Ryan & Tereza's wedding, right after the actual event. I also raved about how amazingly magical this wedding was. Now that Tereza & Ryan have seen their images, I wanted to post a few zillion of my favorites. There are many as you can see and there were a ton more that I could barely choose from. Like I said before, Hornby is pretty magical. As you can see in some of the images, it started to sprinkle down rain just as they began their vows. I thought the rain was kind of cool though in their ceremony shots. It told yet another detail of the day and I think that's what lifestyle/journalistic style photography is really all about. A story, a tale, a peek into who they people behind the lens really are. I love that. Once again, thank you so very much and enjoy your images Ryan & Ta. I really, really do. 

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