More Hawaiian Adventures!

Some of the highlights from days three and four of our Hawaiian trip were ...

* Cracking open our first coconut (right off our tree in our backyard)
* Doing an early morning walk just Ben and I to the bay near our house
* Went to Hapuna State Park Beach w/ the whole fam (first time to a really typically gorgeous white sand Hawaiian beach)
* I had a serious bathing suit malfunction standing in seven foot waves
* We ate our first (and best through out the entire trip) fish tacos from a little stand at the beach
* The babies stayed home after Eli's long night at the hospital
* We did a little mini photo sesh with my brother and his girlfriend Hana. They had been to a candy factory the day before so we used their salt water taffy in some shots. One is posted below in black and white and the others will come another day  not so soon
* Of course Eli has been working hard to walk. He tried and tried on the trip. By the end he was motoring along a lot quicker with a helping hand, then he was before we left.

There were likely more highlights but because I have been SO slow at getting these photos up and because I am way busy, I am just going to post a bunch today.  They are not all from this day of course, but I need to get rollin so that's ok ;) I am crazy in love with the black and white one of Ben & the Colty holding hands, the ones of my Dad & Colty sitting in the wicker chair & the one of Chayse (my brother) photographing in black in white. The image of me in the yellow dress was taken by my adoring husband.
P.S. All the images have been taken by me & if they're not, I'll write otherwise.


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