Hawaiian Adventure {Day 1 & 2}

I think the one and only way to blog our vacay in Hawaii is to go through it day by day. So I think I'll do just that. We stayed on the Big Island in Kona in a vacation home.

{Day One}

We arrived on Wednesday evening. Jumped off the plane and walked into the outdoor Kona airport. The air was super warm, super humid and we all instantly perked right up after our long day of travel. The babies were amazing ... they slept through each flight and were really patient with all the security and waiting. We pulled up to our place and we figured we must have had the wrong house ... this place was way too incredible. The photos that were advertised clearly didn't do it justice AND it was dark out. We realized that this was it and we were even more excited to get in and settled! The house had a huge wrap around deck with bamboo flooring, comfy outdoor furniture, a perfect jungle view and you could overlook the pool from the deck as well. The entire house was encased by huge banana leaf, coconut, papaya and avocado trees. We  all went for a dip that night in the pool and then off to sleep since we had a big trip ahead of us!

{Day Two}

Today we needed to fill up the fridge and get some groceries for the next little while. We headed to a nearby Costco (the cheapest place to shop) and Target as well. I got a few new swimsuits (one of them with a major malfunction which I'll explain on another day).

Ben and I bought ourselves some snorkel gear that morning and went snorkeling at a small bay on Alii Drive (the main drag in Kona). Hana and Chayse came along with us and Hana and Ben both got bit by a fish! There are signs on the beach with photos to show you what a fish bite looks like, in order to help you correctly identify what your bite was from. Look below at the first video to see the sea turtle we swam beside! The water at this particular bay (video number two) wasn't clear and blue like all the other bays but there were turtles everywhere and it was a good little intro to snorkeling. Today we had our first shaved ice! No idea why I didn't get photos of it because it was the best thing ever. Below is a photo of Colty eating the last few bites of my fave flavor Coconut, Cherry and Pina Colada. Don't go to Hawaii without trying it. Actually, we 'tried' it quite a few times during our trip.

Eli had been running a bit of a fever that afternoon and he was being a little crankier than normal. Ben and I woke up in the middle of the night that evening to a running shower and loud footsteps running up and down the stairs. Their bedroom was right next to ours. I got up to see what was going on and realized that Eli was really unwell. He had a fever of 103. They decided to call an ambulance. We had no idea where a hospital was or even a clinic that would be open this late. And who knew if there was even a hospital in the town we were in.We were so thankful that the ambulance was there within 5 minutes. It wasn't far to the hospital from our place.They took Eli and C & J with them to the hospital and helped them to bring down his fever. Turns out, Eli had a bad ear infection from the plane and a sore throat as well. That baby can't catch a break but he must have slept it off because in a day or two, he was feeling much better (see him napping away in the photo).

The blue palm tree photo was the reflection of the trees in our pool. The photo was my Mom's idea and it turned out to be so pretty. The pink flower photo was also taken in the pool. The videos were filmed with our underwater camera that only worked in the moments that it wanted to (it's getting a bit old now and it doesn't take very good clips but it's done the job over the past few years). That's day two! More beaches to come for the next post of days three and four!

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