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Not that this thought of mine is directed at anyone in particular by any means but I just wonder sometimes why some people in general feel that their opinion, comments or point of view are always wanted, always needed. Why do they always give them, asked or not? We all know people who do this - I know ya'll do (definitely in the blog and Facebook world now a days too). I use to be that girl. I know, so annoying right. At least, I hope I'm not that girl anymore. Am I Mom?! ;) It's been one of my biggest personal lessons in life so far ... 

Hmmm, I think to myself. Are they unaware of the fact that it's perfectly acceptable and likely preferred for one to say nothing in circumstances that one feels as though they can barely contain themselves?! I know that silence isn't always the best choice. I can assure you that I'm all for standing up for what you believe in or saying something constructive when you feel it's necessary (I'm a Leo for cryin' out loud). However, I'm talking about things that really don't require your 'expertise' in the grande scheam of things. I do think though, that it all comes down to self awareness (another important life lesson for myself that a lot of days, I'm still growing with). Are we truly aware of the way that we may be making others feel with our little 'inserts' shall we call them?

I remember one day (I was maybe 18 or so) and my Mom and Dad said to me "You know Jess, the time to say nothing at all is the time that you feel you must say something or bust". I had never thought of it that way but it made a lot of sense to me the next time I felt that way in a situation. This also coming from the people who told me around the same year (and every so often they'll still remind me) that not everything is black and white. There is grey and a lot of it (I try to live by this now). The reason I'm adding in this little last bit of grey talk is because I find that often, those who speak whatever they feel regardless, are often those who see the world in rather black and white terms. 

This is a blog post that I've been considering writing for months now, especially as I recognize it happening so often. Hopefully I've kept it short, sorta sweet and to the point. I'm not looking for agreement or disagreement. Just passin' on the thought for others who are interested in considering it ... or not. Either way is just fine with me. But for the record, my Mom and Dad are rarely wrong ;)

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