How to comment on blogs & an invitation to do just that!

I need a little help from my friends! Would any of you be so kind as to give your opinion on which bundle is more 'me'? By me, I mean Sparrow & Me Photography, Beyond Blonde, or anyone who knows me in person. I do my best to make all my endevours very 'me' but if you had to plunk me into a design scheme, are any of these it ... ? If you would leave a comment below the post as to which one you love the best, I would be so grateful for your part in the decision making process. P.S. This is to help me narrow down a new look for possibly a new blog! A How to Comment tutorial is just below. Also, you'll be able to identify which one is which by their names located right below the words 'Digital Paper Pack' in the middle of the image. For example, the first image below here is called 'Darlington'.

Darlington Digital Paper Pack - Click Image to Close

Detailed Digital Paper Pack - Click Image to Close

Grace Digital Paper Pack - Click Image to Close

Flutterby Digital Paper Pack - Click Image to Close

Lacey Digital Paper Pack - Click Image to Close

Iggy Digital Paper Pack - Click Image to Close

Chandler Digital Paper Pack - Click Image to Close

Cognac Digital Paper Pack

Kara Digital Paper Pack

Heirloom Digital Paper Pack

Now ... for those of you who have asked me over and over again on how you can comment, I finally realized that I could just do a simple post about how to do so! Because I love to read comments when you leave them, hopefully this will help a gal out :)

Writing a comment on a blog is no more difficult than sending an email. Really. It's three basic steps:Write your comment, leave your name & press submit ... that's it!

The easiest thing to do is just look for the word "comment" and click on it. For example, on all blogger blogs (like mine) you'll see something that looks like this at the end of the post ...

When you click to comment, something like the image shown below also may pop up & in that case you want to do the following ...

Enter your name and your email address. Your email address will be kept private - no other blog readers can contact you through it, so don't worry
Enter your website/blog if you have one but don't worry ... you don't have to fill it in!

I hope this helps and I'm excited to see if anyone has any thoughts for me on what design colors they think would best for me to go with!

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  1. Hey Lady :)
    I think you are definitely "Detailed"
    Hope that helps
    p.s are those from Etsy?
    B xoxo