DIY Cupcake Garland

I found a very cute tutorial at one of my very favorite blogs 100 Layer Cake , for a cupcake garland and decided to try it out. If you feel up to the task, click on the link to take a peek. Mine turned out really pretty. I used mini cupcake holders and tea stained them over night. I also used pink cupcake holders and when I ran out of those, I soaked some white ones in water with a little red food coloring. To add a little more dimension, I added ivory tulle and a blush pink satin fabric in a round shape. I did find though, that it takes quite a lot of cupcake holders to make a decently long garland so I'm just adding to it when I find the time. I think I'll use it at the wedding for something! So I have a little bit of time to continue working on it. P.S. I did not use a threading needle to put the twine through. Instead, I used wax to seal the end of my twine (which I had to re-do a few times) although it worked great. The tutorial at 100 Layer Cake will put you on the right track!


  1. super cute! where was this post a week ago foe E's cupcake party!!

  2. Gina I loved E's giant purple cup cake. A cupcake themed party - every girls dream!

    Thanks Kerry, it's a work in progress ;)

    xo, Jessica