DIY Teacup Bouquet

Today I've climbed, hiked, ate peanut & jam on an english muffin, listened to loud music while doing the dishes, sat in the sunshine on a bluff overlooking the rolling sea with my sweetie. And now I'm going to put my feet up and relax!

Before I do, here's a peek at my teacup project. I'm still unsure if I'll use them for the wedding but I think I like them (still deciding)! I purchased the cups for $1.49 a piece at the local Salvation Army and lightly applied hot glue to the edges of the petals. Prior to that I had soaked the flowers in a bleach solution in the sink, to dull the fuchsia pink hue and it worked perfect (thanks for the tip mom)! Wouldn't these be pretty for a bridal or baby girl shower?

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