on the wagon

I'm officially putting it 'out there' and by 'out there' I mean the blog world and anyone else that stumbles across my words I guess. I hope that rather than setting me up for failure, it will motivate me just that much more to keep my bum moving. I've done it before so I know it's possible but it's easy to fall off the track and I know many others agree. So I started yesterday back at the gym and I'm trying to be extra conscious of what I eat. I'm NOT dieting! I simply want to eat clean as much as possible. I have no problems having a treat every now and then and I love love love sweets and so just like anything, some days are more challenging than others but I know it can be done. So what's for breakfast this morning? Homemade vanilla whey shake with fresh peaches and flax seed. I might add a little strawberry smoothie mix too. They seem to keep me full for hours which is great to get me through early morning class. Lunch? Homemade red lentil Thai soup loaded with garlic, onions, green peppers and carrots. I'm trying to cook a little more and try new things and the soup turned out awesome! 

If you're looking for any healthy new ides or twists on cooking, check out lunchboxbunch! It has a ton of delicious recipes. I usually get stuck looking for an hour or two. She cooks plenty of vegan dishes although you can always modify the dish to your liking. I follow a lot of her smoothie recipes and she has amazing photos to go with every recipe as well. 

The thing is I feel so so much better when I exercise. I can feel the build up of tension and frustration the longer I go without doing some so to get out and do it is really just acknowledging what my body wants. Plus my body responds very quick so it doesn't take me long to start seeing benefits. So friends, wish me perseverance and perhaps a little self love instead of luck ;) 

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