Garter Girl

I decided to try out my new sewing kit I received at my bridal shower from my Mom's best friend Angela who is also our little wedding party 'fashion coordinator'. She probably wanted to stop the cycle in regards to a serious lack in sewing skills. My Mom was never a sewer to say the least. Her sewing kit was pretty pathetic really. It consisted of some terribly ugly and severely outdated fabric swatches, seafoam green thread, a few random buttons and a handful of dull pins. I have a completely fantastic Mother with many talents, however, sewing was not one! I don't necessarily have the 'sewing' gene either Mom and while I would consider myself to be rather crafty, any projects involving sewing I've managed to steer clear from. I tend to alter them whenever possible but this time, I thought I'd dive in so I can at least say I tried it out! I thought maybe adding some charm to my garter might be a simple first step and indeed it was. Creating the fabric flower was simple and the instructions can be found at Project Wedding. I also used Dylon fabric dye in 'dusty rose' to dye the originally white garter. I thought it turned out pretty cute. It's very pink, very girly, and fairly frilly ... sound familiar?

P.S. Love you Mom!

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