nude nails

I think I love the taupe polish trend. I say 'I think' because I've never actually tried it before but I'm off to purchase a bottle or two to try it out. I was thinking of doing something light and natural on my nails for the wedding. Not grey but taupe-like. It'll either look chic or resemble mud and that's why I'm doing it on a lazy holiday Monday where I have quick access to polish remover if need be. I've been working on growing my nails back out. I usually end up breaking them within a few weeks of long length but I need to keep them growing for the next 2 weeks until my manicure the day before the wedding.

* Tip: use OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil and your nails will grow like wild. It smells amazing, is non greasy, also the one tube has lasted me almost two years and I use it religiously. A little goes a long way! *

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