girls just wanna have fun

Tonight is my bachelorette party and we're going to a pole dancing class! I'm very excited although since my Mom & sister have kept everything hush hush, I don't really know what to expect. I don't handle surprises very well so in preparation of not knowing what to expect, I've done the following:

* Painted toes a fun, bright color = check
* Packed 'stripper-esque' shoes = check
* Gone for a tan = check
* Packed my camera = check (because this may be deliriously comical)
* And finally, I'm going to try and catch some zzz's this afternoon before we head out tonight because who knows where tonight will take us!

I'll post *appropriate* photos afterwards (lol) but in the meantime, feast your eyes on these Michael Anotinio platform 'stripper-esque' shoes found at the ever entertaining Fashion Victim blog. Girls got style, now put your hands together and pray that us girls have a little tonight too. P.S. Did I mention today we've hit the official two week wedding mark. I'm not even looking at the weather channel.

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