a girls garden party

My 'Girls Garden Party' bridal shower was fantastic! I had so much fun and it was even better to see everyone we love in one room together. The weather was beyond gorgeous and we pranced around inside and out since the sun was shining. Everyone got to see the space where the reception will take place. My sister is law, Carla, threw the party and had so many cute touches. She made flower cookies on sticks and held them in mason jars, she tied pink tulle to my sun hat, and had pink tulle sprinkled around the whole place, including the deck. The hat was sitting on a big comfy chair waiting for me when I arrived. It got much heavier as I opened gifts as one of my Bridesmaid's was designated to add all the ribbons and bows as we went along. I love the photo of my Grandma below wrapping herself in my new H&M floral scarf from my style savvy cousin, fellow blogger & bridesmaid Cherie. The shower was definitely an afternoon dear to my heart!

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