rain ready

It's time to face the facts I guess ... but the fatcs might still be really pretty. The facts are: our wedding is ONE week from today and it just might rain, rain rain. As the day is inching closer, I'm realizing a few things: it's the West Coast, rain can add a lush, garden, stormy feel to outdoor events, and most importantly, fun things like rain boots and umbrellas can add so much character to your big day. I have my own purple plaid Roxy rain boots very similar to the ones featured below but I decided to borrow my Mom's pink ones instead (pictured below). I also love the idea of a bridal party all decked out in cowboy boots, how cute! I'm heading out to some of the local thrift shops this afternoon to see if I can pick up any last minute wedding knick knacks - I've had good luck so far! Happy Saturday!

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