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I don't think that this is where I found my paper butterfly accent inspiration for our wedding but I sure wish I had. This is a breathtaking shot. I did something similar to this. It may sound like a ton of work for a wedding, although, consider placing butterflies on the edge of the head table glasses only or just the extra, extra special people in the crowd (Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents). I've posted a butterfly template I came across below to give you a head start (courtesy of bugs and fishes blog). To fasten the butterfly to the glass, I used a TINY dab of hot glue to give them just enough hold. When it came time to pulling the butterflies off the glasses, the small amount of hot glue came off too. Use card stock in coordinating colors and scrapbook paper in pretty designs. Consider this idea for a birthday party or a bridal shower - there would be much less guests (presumingly) and the impact will go that much further if you decorate all the glasses and maybe more. Even a butterfly mobile would be fun to hang as party decoration over a drink station or dessert table or a butterfly garland across the head table at a wedding. I'm having inspiration overload. I'm off to go check out the local Salvation Army to see what other thrifty craft supplies I can find (and I ALWAYS do!) I'm also going to head over and spend the afternoon with my little nephew ~ sounds like a pretty perfect day.
Enjoy yours!

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