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I stumbled across a very cute site today ~ leslie sarna dot com! I was in search for a deliciously, more veggie packed alternative to a classic lasagna. I've been really making an effort to try to buy and cook with some fresh veggies that I normally would have been totally intimidated to buy and use. Like swiss chard, or kale, beets, and turnips. This recipe below was exactly what I was looking for because I bought some yummy looking organic swiss chard yesterday and I am in the mood to cook somethin' up. Ben has been recently super interested in eating more veggies so I've been trying to take full advantage of this completely out of character request and get him hooked while I can. I am obsessed with dishes loaded with veggies and generally, he is the opposite so over the years, cooking has been challenging. I usually wind up eating much more bland and veggie-less than I would if I had it my way. So check out this gals site, because I'll be doing it right alongside you. It looks like she has tons to offer and how adorable is the name of her site.

P.S. Here is the swiss chard 'lasagna' roll up recipe!

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