Bebe Reveal Party!

My little bestie, Courtenay, is having a baby! When she first told us that they were going to find out BOY or GIRL, I threw the idea out there about maybe having a little party for them to reveal to our group of friends if we are all going to have a new baby niece OR nephew! I won't reveal  the verdict because there are lots of people who know her and read my blog too (which I love) although I, personally,  want the news to be hers to share. We had a pretty even amount on "team" boy and "team" girl! We had anyone who thought GIRL wear something GREY and anyone who predicted BOY wear something GREEN. Courtenay was hoping to go for a woodsy, owl theme regardless of the babies gender so I decided to kick start it off with this little party too. I used my wedding chalkboards (but painted them a light, uneven cream color which I've been wanting to do since our wedding). And of course I had to make some paper poms. They're so simple and they can really add a huge presence of color and shape to your main party area. I like to have a "party area" - is that ridiculous or smart?! I'm still not sure. I like to think it's smart though for a few reasons. One is that you have less of an area to decorate, therefore, less money, less time and of course sometimes less is more. The second reason is that it seems to look more complete, rather than having random decorations sprawled through out the course of a few rooms. I know there are times when it's much more appropriate to decorate in more than one room or a few spaces for a specific event and I've done that before too. Although, this is just a good way to do things if you're hoping to make a big impact with all the "less's" that I mentioned previously.

 I have quite a few baby items around here anyhow because of my two little nephews so I thought I'd use a few pieces, string them on twine with wooden clothespins and voila! The white knitted booties were actually my Dad's from when he was first born. My Grandma passed them onto my sister and she recently passed them off to me for when the time comes that I'd like them. I showed them to my Dad today and he barely believed me - I had to bust out a special card that was with them along with the rest of the outfit! The last photo below of the fabric banner is the banner I made for Court to take home. Hopefully it's a good addition to the start of her baby nursery.

I just have to say that I feel so strongly about loving and embracing people who mean something to you whether they are your biological family or not. While I have two nephews of my own who mean more to me than I can express, I feel like when your very close friends have children of their own (like a few of ours/mine have), it's another little life to love as part of your family. I guess what I'm saying is that the biological aspect of "family" isn't defining to me and I'm sure that when the day comes for Ben and I to extend our family, our very close friends will love our babes just the same. Hopefully you are still awake after reading all of this. Whoever and wherever you are though, thanks so much for listening, xo!


  1. I thought I would chime in here and let you know how great of a friend you are! I found out what color and I am so excited for Courtenay & Bob.
    Thanks, S.