Honeymoon Part Uno!

Ok, I'm finally posting some photos of our honeymoon! There are a few reasons I hadn't yet and I'm sticking with the fact that I believe they are all pretty valid ;) 1. Even simple editing sometimes seems to take forever. I can no longer upload photos right from my camera and just stick 'em up. I wish I could. 2. They were so many to choose from! I went partially crazy and to think that Ben was convinced taking our camera was not an option. I was able to coax him into the (obvious) realization that THIS IS OUR HONEYMOON! We can't possibly go away for two weeks and not bring it along. I couldn't even fathom it. Yes, perhaps some might see my argument as a tad dramatic. Although, those of you who know me I'm sure, understand just how much photography or more specifically documenting our life means to me. He finally agreed and ended up saying just how happy he was that he did!

We spent the first few days in Disneyland before we arrived in the Mayan Riviera. LA was pretty warm, a lot warmer than Canada anyhow! I had always wanted to go to Disneyland with Ben. I knew we'd have way too much fun and we definitely did. He kinda snuck in the extra few days at Disneyland as a surprise and I am so very glad he did. We took videos of us on rides like the tea cups, the Monster Inc ride (my fave characters) and the train one. We stayed most days from open - close and Ben was right, I DID end up opting for wearing my running shoes because we really did walk and stand all day. I told him prior to the trip that I wouldn't be caught dead in runners but I packed my pretty white and pale pink ones to humor him and I wore 'em! It's like maybe he does sometimes know what's best for me - can you imagine?!?!

Our honeymoon was so relaxing. It was all that it should be despite the sun being on strike for the most part of each day in the Mayan. You could tell that we were from Canada - we were the only ones on the beach some days, soaking up the warm bits of rain and teeny specks of sun that showed itself every few moments on and off. You know, while we teetered back and forth about whether or not we should invite some friends, we were glad in the end we took the time for just us. We even wondered if we'd get bored but surprisingly we didn't. My Mom was a little worried when I told her that we had thought we might get bored together eventually for that long with just us. But you know, we are very independent and while we love the time we do spend together, we also spend almost an equal amount of time doing our own thing and enjoying it really. We aren't dependent on each other and we aren't afraid to have our own interests. While that style may not work for everyone, it works for us. It is important though to be sure we don't neglect our needs to spend quality time together, which I feel like is pretty well balanced. Of course, some weeks are better than others. Sunday is usually our day together if none other (due to work, and Ben's sports, mine/his school, whatever else) but we choose to spend all day yesterday together in the sun so we are free to do whatever we individually please today. This morning I choose leisurely grocery shopping, my Starbucks tea misto and of course blogging ;) Who knows what else I'll get up to today but I am betting Ben will wind up doing something pretty crafty, he lovessss to keep busy! Can't blame the guy!

* For some reason, blogger takes forever to upload photos like this so I'm going to add more, but break up my posts so more to come! *

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