Everyone use to poke fun at me and call me "Aunty Poperazzi" ... lol. Because I would usually always bring my camera with me everywhere. It never bothered me much though because I knew that when the boys started to grow so quickly and precious stages moved on to the next, everyone would appreciate the capturing of those memories annnddd I have to say it because I think I deserve it in this circumstance ... I was right! It's like all of a sudden, we are sort of realized that Colty is not a baby anymore. Today Casey popped over with the kids and I walked across the street to the Freakin Coffee Shop with him and I realized right away that I didn't even have to lean over to hold his hand. He just grabbed my hand and we walked hand in hand ... just like that. It was a little sad in some ways. I tried to remind myself that I am pretty short so maybe that was a factor ... lol ... but really I think he is just growing up ;) Back to where I was going with this ...

I feel so passionate about photography because I feel like it's so rare that we take the time to create memories. Usually, life feels so rushed around our neck of the woods. I really need to practice what I preach because I feel like I am always the one behind the lens and I would LOVE to have some recent lifestyle shots of Ben & I together one day soon. That's my goal ... make time and organize a shoot for Ben and I. He'll hate love it ... well not necessarily love, but he'll do it because he loves me and really that's just as good a reason as any :) This is an old photo I took of our rings with our vows the day before the wedding (and before I got my new camera). I've been thinking about taking some new ones, with our rings and with our vows but with my current camera. I'll post if I do! Enjoy the sun this afternoon, I sure did. 

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