Cutie Pie Recap

Our cutie pie nephew. Oh boy, he cracks me up.We had a sleep over last weekend and we even managed to get ourselves out together to watch Cars 2 and in 3D to boot! Colton kept pulling his glasses on and then off, to compare I think, lol. We packed up to leave twice, but wound up tricking Colty into staying a little longer each time. I think both Ben and I realized we do make a pretty good team together.Colty must have told me "I Yuv You Aunt (pause) Tee" a dozen times throughout the night. But I probably told him "I love you Colton" twelve more times than he told me. I love those boys so much. I can't wait to spend the next few weeks in Hawaii with them. Photographing all of my family there is going to be really special, especially photographing the boys.

In the last few photos of him running around in the morning with his 3D glasses on, I was trying to hard to catch him with the camera with them on. He made a little game out of it and so while some of the shots are not perfectly in focus, I thought he still looked pretty darn cute. With his blue steel like expression and his footie pj's and all.


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